All you need is …

                   … a long, long Summer

The history of CAPO starts in 1900 with farmers that in the ‘Bregenzer Wald’ braided straw to hats to earn an extra income during the cold winters. 1912 Mr Weiss from the Bavarian ‘Allgäu’ founded the ‚Vorarlberger Strohhutfabrik‘ and developed the factory to the ‚Hutfabrik im Bregenzer Wald‘ that in the 70s was starting to get known internationally as CAPO.

Under the new leadership of Strickmoden Bruno Barthel, we want to revive this story with a mixture of trendy and innovative and classic hat shapes where young & contemporary design meets greatest hatmaking crafts.

We are pleased to present our ‘fast forward and back to the roots’-collection and hope that you are as excited as we are.